Posted: 2017-10-22

Dutch victory in Breeders Coursefinal

It became Dutch victory in the final of Breeders Course.

Avalon Mists, driven by Robin Bakker and trained by Paul Hagoort, finished fastest of all and captured leading Smokin Joe short before goal.

– We got a perfect race and she did a very nice bet, celebrated Bakker after ... Read more »

Posted: 2017-10-17

Interesting final in Wolvega for two–year–olds

Get ready for the finalTen horses behind the car in the final for the 2-year-old horses at Victoria Park in Wolvega.Perhaps we will find the winner on one of the innermost tracks, Chapter One impressed at his win in Wolvega and Smokin Joe and Filur Sisu impressed both at his races at Jägersr... Read more »

Posted: 2017-10-17

Dags att anmäla till Breeders Course

Det är dags att anmäla din häst född 2016 till Breeders Course.

Här nedan ser du insatsterminerna.

Insatser hästar födda 2016:


Lopp 2018 (2-år)       Insats 1: 30/11 2017 50 euro – ... Read more »