Posted: 2016-10-23

Wolvega: Victory for Wim Paal/Tomas Malmqvist

Jägersro trainer Tomas Malmqvist claimed a double victory in the second Breeders Course two-year-old final. Ethien du Vivier won ahead of Flying Fortuna.

– Fantastic, was Tomas’ spontaneous comment after the double win, which earned him about 500 000 SEK.

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Yearling Sales 2016

Breeders Course interacts with a number of important sales at which all yearlings are eligible to the race series for 2- and 3-years-old horses.

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Betting: Do it right – and do it now!

Posted: 2016-09-04 by By Anders Ström
Having coming into the wonderful sport of harness racing via betting, it is natural for me to always consider the aspect of betting on horses when thinking about the long-term future of the sport. Someone once told me that if horse owners and gamblers have good conditions, everyone in our sport will thrive. I totally agree. But sometimes we tend to forget the gamblers. That is extremely risky, especially in the present times.

Basic idea

The number of new born standardbred foals is decreasing rapidly in all European countries except for France. Breeders Course has been inaugurated in order to turn the negative trend.

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